Charity 2019

£450 donated to Haemochromatosis UK.
Haemochromatosis, or GH (genetic haemochromatosis), is a genetic disorder causing the body to absorb an excessive amount of iron from the diet. As a result of the genetic condition, iron can build up in the body to toxic levels. This is termed iron overload and is potentially very damaging. Iron is deposited in various organs – mainly the liver, but also the pancreas, heart, endocrine glands, and joints. It can prove fatal if undetected.

It is thought that 1 in 200 Northern Europeans have the gene flaw that gives rise to GH.  We will be supporting the research in the UK.

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£450 donated to Christopher’s Smile Charity which was set up in October 2008 after Christopher died in June the same year to an aggressive medulloblastoma brain tumour. Following a 21 month battle with the disease he passed away 9 days before his 6th birthday.

Christopher’s Smile does not have a specific paediatric tumour focus but instead provides funding for projects that will benefit the largest number of children possible across the childhood cancer community.

Children’s cancers are biologically different to adult cancers and require specific research.  Although millions of pounds are spent in the UK each year on cancer research only a tiny percentage of this amount is spent on children’s cancers. Christopher’s Smile only funds childhood cancer research and every penny you give will be used to fund critical research to develop new treatments.

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